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Survey: Some Biggest Frustrations About Using CRM Systems

We surveyed about 50 CRM professionals from various business fields on Linkedin. We asked what annoy users the most in CRM systems. We got a lot of feedback and food for thought. We decided to share our impressions with readers. The discussion is open yet, so you can still participate in the survey and give […]

Minimum Viable Training for ERP Adoption

You have a company. It’s all growing. Now you have finally decided to buy some kind of business software to run your business. Let’s just assume for simplicity that it is a CRM system. That’s great! But how do you help them to get used to the system? How do you help them to perform […]

Why We Love (And You Should, Too!)

We love Not only because we developed it but also because we feel that we are being a lot useful for our customers. is a new generation online SaaS ERP system which includes all features you need in order to run your own business. It contains Project Management, CRM, HRMS, Attendance Tracking and […]

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